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Coastal Training Program

Science Based Training for Coastal Decision Makers

Coastal NH Climate Summit

The Coastal Training Program provides science based training resources to individuals and organizations that are responsible for making decisions that affect coastal resources. The purpose is to ensure that coastal decision makers have the tools and information they need to address resource management issues. The National Estuarine Research Reserve System is responsible for developing the program requirements

  • The Coastal Training Program (CTP) is a comprehensive approach for educating coastal decision makers and other coastal partners about issues that affect the sustainability of our region's estuaries.
  • The vision of the CTP is ecosystem-based management of coastal resources based on sound scientific knowledge and the understanding of long-term environmental, social, and economic consequences of management decisions and actions.
  • The mission of the Coastal Training Program is to augment informed decision making by transferring science based information to target audiences.
  • The CTP maintains knowledge of the local training market and develops trainings that address coastal decision maker needs and that address important environmental issues that arise.

The GBNERR CTP was established in 2002 and has been extremely active in coastal New Hampshire with trainings and workshops. CTP works with its many partners to provide the best training and information available for coastal decision makers. The CTP is always looking to forge new partnerships that forward mutual goals or address important environmental issues.

The CTP completed a comprehensive planning phase in 2004, which included a Coastal Decision Maker Needs Assessment and a Market Analysis of Training Resources available to decision makers. Through this work, supplemented with updates and new assessments, it was determined that the primary issue challenging a sustainable Great Bay ecosystem is growth and development.

a photo of a Coastal Training Program workshop
Courtesy of Steve Miller

The main issues identified were land use change, an increase in impervious cover, stormwater management, sewage/septic nutrient pollution, and climate change. All of these issues are directly connected to water quality, ecological function, and species composition in aquatic habitats. The challenge is to find ways to preserve and improve quality of life for humans without degrading the very ecological base on which growth and quality of life depend.

The CTP serves the specific target audience of coastal decision makers. The primary coastal decision makers in the New Hampshire Coastal Watershed, as identified in the 2004 GBNERR Needs Assessment and Market Analysis, are select boards and city councils, planning boards, conservation commissions, zoning boards of adjustments, planning departments and regional planning commissions. Key secondary level decision makers are developers, engineers, landscapers and watershed organizations.

The training methods employed by the CTP are based on the results of the 2004 Needs Assessment and Market Analysis, as well as GBNERR experience in providing trainings. Technical information transfer and training utilize a variety of training methods including web based and printed material supplementing the main delivery of facilitated workshops with a field or demonstration component. Coastal decision makers have expressed the need for practical hands-on training that is efficient and gets them the information they need. Expert speakers and instructors will be the heart of this information transfer.

Have a question or need help with an issue of concern? Give Steve Miller a call or email.

Coastal Training Program Workshops - Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center, call 294-0146 for more information
Please visit our calendar of events page or contact Steve at 294-0146 for information on upcoming workshops.

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