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Research Programs

Great Bay NERR Graduate Research Fellows

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Year Fellow Project Title
2012 Matt Simon pdf file The Effects of Anthropogenic Change on Salt Marsh Microbial Structure and Function
2011 Jason Goldstein Does the Great Bay Estuary support a self-recruiting lobster population?
2010 Iulia Barbu Developing tools to assess and mitigate the impacts of urbanization and climate change on water resources in coastal areas
2009 Jordan Mora Berm impacts on salt marsh dynamics in New England
2008 Jeremy Nettleton Tracking environmental trends in the Great Bay Estuarine System through comparisons of historical and present-day green algal nutrient content and community structure
2007 Wan-Jean Lee Engineering through disturbance: role of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) on soft-sediment communities in Great Bay, NH
2007 Erika Washburn
(NOAA social science fellow)
Social landscape analysis of land use decision making in Great Bay's coastal watershed
2006 Erica Westerman The effect of increasing primary production and artificial substrates on the success of invasive ascidians in the Great Bay Estuary, NH
2005 Mark Capone The effects of natural and restored oyster reefs on water quality
2004 David Rivers Comparing water quality data and maximum depth of eelgrass, Zostera marina, beds: Can eelgrass depth be used as a water quality indicator?
2003 Jennifer Greene Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) restoration studies in the Great Bay Estuary, New Hampshire
2002 Aaren Freeman The ecological significance of phenotypic plasticity in blue mussels, Mytilus edulis
2002 Cathy Bozek The effects of seawalls and berms on salt marshes: implications for marsh persistence and restoration of self-maintenance
2000 Gregory Shriver Distribution and abundance of salt marsh birds breeding in New England
1999 Mary Menconi Inputs of total and biologically available dissolved nitrogen to Great Bay Estuary, New Hampshire
1998 Megan Tyrrell Impacts of two introduced intertidal crab species in northern New England
1997 Pamela Morgan Functions and values of salt marshes in northern New England: a comparison of fringing marshes and back barrier marshes

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